Sunday, 2 September 2012

Ways to increase height.

Hope you guys would find this useful :)

Have you always wondered how to increase your height? Hate being short? Ever wondered if it's possible to increase your height?
This is the question that so many people ask. Many of you guys might think that you stop growing after a certain age. But that, my friend, is not true. There is no substantial proof found yet.
Now, you have come to the right place. In this post, I would be giving you guys tips on how to increase your height in just 3 easy steps! Are you ready?? Here we gooooooo~


The way you sit, stand etc is very important. One way is to observe your posture. But some people get really uptight when they try to observe their posture all day. Do remember that stress can also be one of the reason why your height is not increasing! Do relax and take it easy. You'll get used to sitting up straight in no time!

You might ask me, " How does my posture affect my height? "
Proper postures increases your height because they give proper balance to the body.  This results in even distribution of energies throughout the body. Hence more health and growth.

Simple routines like sitting, standing, walking, sleeping do affect how we grow as a person. Finding the right way of posturing will bring great results to the increase of your height.


It is surprising how so many people don't know the importance of eating healthy. Actually poor diet or poor dietary habits have been the main reason behind all the complaints of poor height growth.
 Diet is the only way that we can even hope to be physically healthy.

Another reason why it's good to have a healthy diet is also because logically speaking, if you eat healthy, there's energy and your brain tends to be more 'awake' and you will think positively and you will be able to grow taller! Yay


Besides the basic needs, most people get influenced in the environment and society they're living in.  For reasons unknown, we do not tend to easily believe in things that affect us slowly but deeply. Less illumination makes you stoop for things, and less ventilation makes you breathe deeply, pushing the chest forward.

Follow these steps and it'll result in positive mental attitude and good physical growth.
Good luck girls! Go and be beautiful :) x

And for all you awesome people out there who is a frequent viewer of my blog, I've just purchased a DSLR (Nikon D5100) so pictures on my blog would be high-quality from now on!



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