Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Top Make-Up Questions.

Q 1. Do makeup primers really do anything?
A: Yes. Make up primers not only allows your foundation to last all day, it also gives your skin a flawless look! And it also absorbs oil so your face will not look as cakey with foundation on.

Q 2. What's the best way to apply foundation?
A: For me personally, I would use my fingers. That's because when you rub the foundation with your fingers before applying it on your face, the heat from your finger tips will be transferred to the foundation and it would give your skin a smooth complexion when applied. Especially for those with dry skin.

But then again, there isn't a 'best way' on how to apply foundation. It depends on each person's preference. Some of you guys who have a normal or oily skin, would prefer to use a brush or a sponge.

Q 3. How do I find a concealer that works with my skin tone?
A: Choose a shade lighter then your skin tone (jawline). This is because if you choose a shade lighter then your skin tone, you can blend it in when your foundation is applied on top of it.

Q 4. Whenever I try to conceal a blemish, I always seem to accentuate it. What's the secret?
A: This is something that I personally struggle with. One tip that I learn is NEVER to use concealer to conceal your blemishes. And that's because your concealer is one shade lighter then your skin colour and instead of concealing it, it's bringing attention to it. And that's the last thing you want to happen. So normally if this happens, I would put pimple cream on top of it and just apply my foundation on top of it. Another trick is to use a tinted concealer or moisturiser!

Q 5. What's the difference between a tinted moisturiser and a light foundation?
A: A tinted moisturiser hydrates and evens out your complexion while a foundation covers your skin with a layer of colour and gives it a flawless finish look!

Q 6. How do I apply bronzer on my face?
A: A common mistake that most woman make is the apply bronzer to the bottom of the apple of the cheeks. But that is not right. Bronzer should be applied to the apple of the cheeks and using your blush brush in circular motion, brush it towards the temples. Once you get the hang of it, brush a bit across your forehead just below your hairline! :)

Q 7. How do I fill my brows in without making them look too dark?
A: Start filling the outer part of your brows. After doing that, fill your inner brows with slow and steady strokes. That would make your brows more neutral looking!

Q 8. How can I keep my lipstick from fading?
A: One easy way to keep your lipstick on for the whole day is to apply foundation on your lips before applying your lipstick!

Q 9. Should my eye shadow match my outfit?
A: That depends on what you prefer. Some people enjoy doing a 'mix-match' which also means mix-matching your outfit and your eye shadow. I personally prefer applying neutral colour eye shadow no matter what I wear. That's because neutral coloured eye shadows gives an illusion of bigger eyes.

I hope you guys learned a tip or two on make up!
Thanks for reading. Goodbye xo

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