Thursday, 30 August 2012


Hey guys! I received a parcel from! They were so sweet to send me free stuff to do a review for them! I've not done adverts on this blog because it's a new blog!

I was so excited when I received this parcel from because I loved Tmart. They sell pretty much everything so its really convinent! And that's not the only thing.. Everything is so cheap! And there's free worldwide shipping! So no matter which part of the world you live in, shipping is free! How cool is that? 

If you're like me, who only spend my money on something that has good quality + cheap, Tmart is defientely for you! I know I sound really cheap but I'm not. Honestly. Haha. And Tmart seriously sells everything. From tattoo needles and body piercings studs to portable vaccum cleaners! And they also have a section ' Gadgets under $1.99 ' . And those gadgets includes tattoo needles, iPhone screen protector and USB. You also get a free gift if you spend $14 and above! There's a range of free gifts to choose from! That's so super worth it! 

Not only do you save money on shipping fees, you get free gifts too! And did I mention that shipping time is only a week? (Unless you leave in Asia or something like that.) But then again, all orders are subject to a 1-2 business day processing prior to shipping, 80% will be done within 24 hours. But they do not process or deliver orders on weekends or holidays.

Here are a few things that they sent me! (For free! YAY) ;

-This is really useful as it keeps all your rings neatly in one box. Able to store 36 rings and it's only at a price of AUD $4.46!

2. Super Cute Socks. (Bear / Leopard prints)
Both socks are really cute and the quality is really good. Both of them are less than AUD $2 each. Super worth buying them!

This product is probably one of the best inventions ever! If your skin gets really dry when you shave and you're lazy (like me) to apply mosturizer everyday, this product is for you! Not only does it not dries your skin, you can go without having to shave your legs for a week! And it's only AUD $1.55. I've checked that they sell this product in stores for more than 10 bucks. I did research because I'm a good blogger ;) -flips hair-  I'm just kidding.

As many of you should already know, screen protectors are a must for your phone. It protects your phone from scratches and prevents cracking of screen.(Not 100% though!). And if you were going to get a screen protector at the mall, it would probably be $10 or more. But now at a flipping price of AUD $1.26 you get a anti-glare clear screen protector. Cheap? I think yes.

If you like painting your nails and feel naked (like me) without painting them, you should get this! At AUD $1.72, you get 13 different colours of rhinestones! And there are heaps of them in one box so you can use them as many times as you want!

2GB USB at the price of only AUD $0.94! Whole range of colours to choose from. Good for assignments and projects. 

 Want to know the fastest way to lose tummy fats without having to exercise? This slimming belt is your answer to a flat tummy.

Nailart is so much easier with this dotting tool. At only AUD $3, you get 5 dotting tools! So worth the buy!

Do you get annoyed when you're applying makeup and you have no choice but to clip your fringe up and then after finishing applying your makeup, your fringe gets really annoying? This 'Magic Hair Fringe Grip Stabilizer' does not mess your hair up and it keeps your hair in place when you're applying your makeup. You should all invest in one of this. And also, it comes with 2 velvet hair clips!

Close up view of the items;

Rings were not included when I received it. Do leave a comment if you want to know where I got my rings from :)

Do quote my blog to receive a 10% off your total bill! 
Thanks for reading! :) x

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