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October Favourites! ❤

Here are some of my October Favourites!

I know I'm really late, sorry for taking so long! Had been really busy with school. How was October for you? It has been an amazing month for me!

Items mentioned in this post;

-FairyDrops Mascara
- Essence 'GET BIG LASHES' water proof mascara
- Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara
- Freshkon Make-up Brush Set
- Essence 'I ❤ Stage' Eye-shadow base
- Maybelline 'Instant Age Rewind' Under-eye Concealer
- Garnier 'Pure Active Tinted Spot-On'
- Dollywink Liquid Eye-liner
- Cute Lip balms from SASA
- Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation
- Dollywink 'Natural Colors' Eye-shadow
- M.A.C Bronzing Powder
- Hello Kitty Hand-held Mirror
- Cyber Colors Hydro-base
- Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream
- OLAY Moisturising Cream
- OLAY day cream for sensitive skin
- Herbal Essences 'Dangerously Straight' leave in cream
- Schwarzkopf Hair repair leave in treatment
- Schwarzkopf Ultimate repair mousse
- Schwarzkopf Straight & Glossy zero frizz spray

Disclaimer: Items in this post is not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned. 




This mascara by Fairydrops is beyond AMAZING! Not only does it give volume to your lashes, it looks really natural too!And the packaging is really cute and I couldn't decide which color to get so I got all three! The Pink and Purple one (Left, Center) is from their old collection!


As you can see from the picture above, the wand of the mascara has 3 oval/circles at the tip. These oval looking things are like magic! They give so much volume to the lashes.


This mascara ^ is from their latest collection and they made some changes to the packaging and the design of the wand. The packaging is much more shiny and it looks so much more classy! The wand is slightly curved making your lashes stay curled all day! Pretty cool I must say :)

Something I don't like about Fairydrops Mascaras is that they can be quite pricey and there isn't much product so it runs out quite quickly! It can last quite long if you use it once a week or something :)

Essence 'Get BIG Lashes' Waterproof Mascara

This mascara is DA BOMB. Like I'm not even kidding at all. Everything about this product is like awesome and I can't find any faults with it. Firstly, it is so cheap($7.99 AUD). Secondly, it's waterproof and normally waterproof mascaras tend to more pricey but not for this brand! Thirdly, this product last so long. I've been using this every single day since the end of August till now but there is still so much product left. And lastly, it gives volume to your lashes and I don't even need to curl my lashes before applying this mascara because this mascara curls my lashes all day! And I reckon the packaging is pretty good for the price paid for this. This mascara is good for those who want thick and long lashes for a bold look.

Maybelline Pulse Perfection vibrating mascara

This mascara is so cool aha. You don't even have to brush it through your lashes. All you have to do it to put the wand on top of your lashes and then press the button and the product would spread evenly on your lashes! Really good for everyday use!

Freshkon Make-up Brush set

Something I really like about this brush set is that the brushes are really really soft and I actually got this as a gift so I'm not sure how much it is but it is definetely worth how much it cost. I actually plan to get another 2 more sets of this because it's amazing and I just want to stock up haha.

Skin/ Eye products

Essence eye-shadow base

Essence eye-shadow base has got to be the best eye-shadow base I've ever used. It doesn't crease AT ALL, compared to urban decay's eye primer, I prefer this one because it's less tacky and the one from essence is much more affordable.($3.99AUD). For those of you who don't have a habit to apply eye-shadows, this can be use to brighten up the eye area and giving an illusion of bigger eyes.

Maybelline 'Instant Age Rewind' 

 Maybelline 'Instant Age Rewind' under-eye concealer. I cannot stress how reliable this product is. The salesgirl for Maybelline told me that this product is targeted towards older women and not teenagers but I'm glad I didn't heed her advice and bought this anyway.  It seriously covers your eye bag and when I've this applied, I had so much compliments asking how I managed not to have any eye bags at all! This product is excellent and all for you guys need to try it out yourself.

Garnier Tinted Spot Roll-On

Garnier tinted spot roll-on is amazing beyond words! It acts as both a concealer and a pimple cream at the same time which is perfect because as many of you already know, when you apply concealer/foundation on your skin and on top of your pimple, it 'covers' the pimple and therefore there isn't enough 'air' for your pimple to breathe causing your pimple to become even bigger and that can be really annoying plus gross sometimes. But if you use this product over your pimple, it acts as a pimple cream and a concealer at the same time so not only are you covering up your pimple, you are also reducing the size of it at the same time! Pretty awesome!

Dollywink Black Liquid Eyeliner

 Something I really like about this eye-liner is that the brush is very thin so it's really easy when drawing  'winged' eye-liner or cat-eyes on my eye. (See picture below)   Another thing about this product is that it is very black so I don't have to go over my eye-liner a few times. And it also lasts throughout the day!


Lip treatment lip balms that I got online. I wouldn't say that they're the best but they are reliable and do their job but they don't last very long so you would have to reapply it after every hour.

Eyeshadow, Foundation, Bronzer

M.A.C Bronzing Powder

This M.A.C bronzer might be a little pricey but I would say that it is worth the money. It lasts so long and it is so pigmented.(picture below) Amazing for contouring!It is also

Dollywink neutral-colored eye-shadow

I really like this eye-shadow, because firstly, it is so affordable and secondly, I love the colors.(picture down below) The colors give an illusion of big looking eyes when the eye-shadows are being applied.

Maybelline Airfoam Foundation

This product is honestly like the best foudation I've ever used. I normally spray just a little bit at the back of my hand and then I'll use a foundation brush and apply it all over! Tbh, I have really bad skin. Like my skin is so dry and most foundations that I've tried before always makes my skin look so wrinkled cuz of my dry skin (you'll understand what I mean if you've dry skin), but this foundation is beyond amazing! I don't even use concealer when I use this foundation (pretty much everyday) because it makes my skin look flawless!

Skincare products

Hello Kitty Hand-Held Mirror

This mirror is so cute and really useful when applying make-up. I personally like applying make-up on my bed and there isn't a proper mirror on my bed (duh, who the heck would put mirrors right beside their bed omg), so this mirror is really reliable. 

Hydro-Base Spray

I cannot stress how much I love this product. It acts as a make-up base and hydrates your face making you feel really refresh. When I apply my foundation on top of this, it makes my skin look flawless. Japanese are just amazing!

Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream

If you have a fat face like I do and hate it, this product is definitely for you. Just apply a little bit on your cheeks and it would had slim down by a few inches after applying immediately! This product even includes a measuring tape for you to measure the before and after results :)

Day Cream For Sensitive Skin

A mistake most (young) people make is not applying creams when they are young to prevent wrinkles (etc). Scientist have proven that 70% of young people (as young as 15 yrs old) have wrinkles around their eyes and forehead. It isn't that obvious yet because those that are younger has a firmer skin and that doesn't make wrinkles look that obvious. But the older you get, the less firm your skin would be and then your winkles would get more obvious! So why not prevent it while you can? ;) 

Olay moisturising cream has got to be the best moisturising cream I have ever used because I used to have really realy dry skin. It was like literally peeling (so gross I know), but after using this my skin is not dry AT ALL anymore. If you have really dry skin, you would definitely want to try this product!

Hair Products

So many of you guys asked me on formspring how I keep my hair so healthy even after I bleached my hair. My answer: All of the products above!

These items are pretty straight forward so I don't have to go through each and every one of the items.

Schwarkopf Hair Repair Cream

                                        Thanks for reading! xxx

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