Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Decided to do a haul since I bought quite a bit of things recently (not really) :)

Pink Ribbon-Gold Detailed Wallet from Forever new.
I got it for AUD 25.90. The gold details at the side really makes the whole wallet look so cute! Besides the fact that it's already pink! It's really adorable and girly and I absolutely love it!

Journal from Typo.
AUD 10. This journal isn't a normal kind of journal. It's main purpose is to record down all road trips you've been to etc.  I reckon it's really cool because it stores all memories and it'll be nice to look through the whole book when you have filled it all up!

Hair products from priceline that I absolutely love! From left to right: Heat protector for curling, straightening and blow-drying. Conditioner spray. I spray this in my hair after washing it when I want my hair to look extra silky and smooth! Hair treatment. After washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner, massage this product into your hair and leave it on for 3 mins! Wash it off after and your hair would feel silky and soft for couple of days! (Prices vary from each shop)

White and Black Lace Peplum tops from Valley Girl  These flare out tops are really trendy now. I couldn't choose between both colours so I got both! And it's only AUD 20 each! Totally worth it.

Accessories from Lovisa. Lovisa is having a really huge sales right now with most accessories for 3 for $10! Time to stock up on your accessories ;)

Make-up and hairbrush from Target! From left to right: Round Hair Brush, best for people that style their hair often. AUD 2. Blue Glittery Nail polish from essence. AUD 2.99, so cheap and the quality is really good! Eye-shadow Base from essence. AUD 3.99. If you're looking for a good and cheap eye-shadow base, this would definitely be your choice! I honestly prefer this to urban decay's eye-shadow base. Not only because it's cheaper, I find that both products are quite similar. Make-up base from essence. Make-up base is very important and it's a must before applying foundation. Not only does it gives you a flawless look, it also evens out your skin tone! All for that for only AUD 7.99!

Stationery from smiggle. I have this really bad habit for going into smiggle and buying almost everything that is pink! Not only are they so cute, most of them last so long and I only need to purchase new stationery every 6 months! 

Make-up and nail polish from Gloss. I love getting make-up brushes from gloss because they are so soft! The nail polish (base-coat) dries super fast and makes it so convenient for me! Maybelline Baby Lips keeps my lips hydrated all day! My absolute favourite :)

I bought Olay Total Effects because I was asked by nuffnang to do a review on skincare products and I love this product so much! Not only does it help get rid of my blemishes, it also helps with pimple scars and also evens out my skintone! For all of you guys who are interested in getting this product, Priceline is having a massive sales right now and this product is going for only 20 bucks!

Really kawaii (cute) stuff I got on-line  Leave a comment down below if you want to know which website I got the items from :)

Make-up I got on-line! My all time favourite make-up brands :)

GUNS N ROSES MUSCLE TOP I got at the city! If you guys were wondering where to get it, I'm pretty sure you can get it off eBay. I've been looking for this top for ages (maybe 8 months) and when I saw it at the shop, I bought it immediately without even trying it! It's so comfy and I love it. ^^ PS I got this for 20 bucks.

Heart Detailed Black PeplumDress @ AUD 20. Flare-out dresses/tops are really trendy now, and only for 50 bucks, you get this super cute dress!

Tiger off-shoulder chiffon top @ AUD 35. I absolutely love this top as it's so light and comfy! Perfect for summer :)

Ballerina play-suit at @ AUD 50. Totally worth the money because it's a designer one of a kind piece so you wouldn't have to worry about some girl wearing the exact same thing as you are! Love this xo

Studded tight-fitting dress for AUD 50. I love this dress and it's so comfortable even though it's tight fitting! And it also doesn't show my big tummy when I wear it! Another addition to one of my favourite dresses!

Random notebooks I bought because they were too adorable!

This sums up my haul for this couple of days. Didn't include every single thing I bought because I'm a little lazy :P 

PS: Guys, I did not forget about the give-away  The person that was sponsoring me the items is a little busy so she hasn't replied my email yet but I promise you guys that I will blog about it soon! :) Look out for that!

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