Sunday, 28 October 2012


Hey guyz,

Last Friday, we were allowed to wear PINK accessories to school to support breast cancer awareness. I reckon this is really awesome that our school is so supportive of stuff like this. It's really cool :)

And not forgetting, we have to pay a gold coin if we decide to wear anything PINK.

And so, this was what I wore:

Haha, I only painted my nails PINK because we had to wear our uniforms and I didn't want to wear anything that screams I'M CRAZY, and I thought everyone wouldn't wear anything PINK, but I was so wrong.. Read on to see what I mean!

Guyz came to school with PINK bras on. Quite creative I must say!

So I made a hat (not really.. I stole Cat's) to support BREAST CANCER.

Our teacher gave us handmade play dough so we made something out of it, which obviously have to do with breast cancer.

America's Next Top Model.

Potential Model.

My fave gurls. Ps I really like Cat's hair. ( She's the one with pink hair.)

Chilling on da grass.. H1P$T3R ;)

xoxox luf you fereva popo xx

School was pretty exciting (omg who am I kidding). MAXSTAR shoes review will be up by this week and give-away will be done before this month ends! I'm sorry for dragging it for so long! I've been really busy with assignments lately and I don't have time to contact the person sponsoring me the items! 

Love you guys always xoxo,

PS, guyz if you wanna get some really H1P$T3R shoes, go to and get your hipster shoes. 
Quote "JANELLE" to get 10% off the total bill.

Peace out.

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