Tuesday, 16 April 2013

ASOS Haul! *

Hey my lovlies!
Today I have an ASOS haul for you guys!

I received this 2 packages from ASOS couple of weeks ago and I thought I'll do a haul!

''ASOS is a global online fashion and beauty retailer and offers on the website over 50,000 branded and own label product lines across womenswear, menswear, footwear, accessories, jewellery and beauty with approximately 1,500 new product lines being introduced each week. ASOS has websites targeting the UK, USA, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Australia and also ships to over 190 other countries from its central distribution centre in the UK.'

Let's get straight into it!

The first thing I received was this studded leather jacket.

I aboslutely love this jacket. It's not as heavy as a normal leather jacket would be. It's very comfortable and does not feel stiff at all. The studs on the collar is secured and would not fall out. I love the zipper detail on the sleeves which make it easier if I want to roll my sleeves up. 

The next item I received was this dark blue coat-jacket.

I am obsess over this jacket! It's probably the most cozy thing I had ever put on! It matches almost all of my outfits and it looks nice zipped up or zipped down! 

The next item is just a typical black beanie.

Tbh, the only reason I got this was because I wanna be hippy & cool :P  Jokes. I just wanted to get a beanie because I've never own one in ma life. Yeah, I know.. What am I thinking?? Hahaha.

Let's move on to shoes!!

I chose a pair of black Dr Martens.

These are the classic dr martens and I got a black one because it would match most of my outfits :)

The next pair I chose was this Red Blood Platforms.

I chose a size bigger because I like matching platforms with cute socks. I just think they look so adorable! I have not had a chance to wear them yet because it's a little warm in Perth but winter is coming soon and I'm excited to wear them out! :)

Next up are these London Rebel Sandals!

Oh my gosh you guys, I was soooo excited when I knew ASOS carried this brand because I have always wanted a London Rebel shoe and when I saw this on the site, I was soooo happy! I literally fell in love with them. They are so comfy (I wore them almost every day) and my feet does not ache after wearing them for awhile.

Let's move on to make-up!

This is the Too Faced 'the secret to no makeup makeup' 

I'm absolutely a huge fan of this palette. It has all the basic things I need for my makeup routine if I'm running late. I can also just throw it in my bag and do my makeup on the way out. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to try out makeup / are new to makeup :)

Swatches of the product;

Next are the Too Faced 'Romantic Eye' Eyeshadow palette, which I'm obsessed over!

I loveee this palette sooo much! From the colors to the names, everything about this palette is amazing. There are so many looks you can create with just this palette.

Something I love about Too Faced products (eyeshadow/ palettes) is that it always comes with some 'cards' to show you different looks you can create with the palette. :)

Swatches of the product;

Lastly, this is a lip-stain/lip-stick. It's the Rimmel London Apocalips in Luna.

I love how pigmented this is and the color is gorgeous! It lasts all day and I didn't need to re-apply it!


After blending it.

Thank you so much for reading! xx


  1. Love the boots and the leather jacket! :)


  2. Read this HAUL post on your other blog :)
    I love all of the things to got! Specially the Two Faced palettes and the jackets! <3


  3. you are one lucky gorgeous chick! ;) love ur blog, its amazing! :)

  4. You've got some amazing things :) I LIKE !!

    Warm regards


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  6. Cute blog, and outfits!

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  7. Great haul! Love the leather jacker!
    Carrie xxx

  8. Hey my dear! you have a wonderful blog with great pictures! would you like to follow eachother? let me know by a comment on my blog :)


  9. That is a GREAT haul! I love your jacket and the make up you've picked!
    In fact..I love everything! You have great taste! ;)

    Yinyin xx

  10. Great post! I hope you visit my blog sometimes.. :) thanks! I'm your new follower. Kisses from VV!!

  11. OMG! Loads of fab stuffs, I adore the leather jacket and the Too Faced palette!
    what about following each other? Just let me know!


  12. Seriously considering a pair of dr martens for this winter, but I have yet to find a store I can try them on in. Ah, this haul makes me want to just go ahead and buy them online :P
    Great post, would you like to follow each other?

  13. Hi honey, your blog is so cool, you've got such an amazing style and I love all of your posts! what do you think of following each other via bloglovin and gfc? let me know if you want, and I'll immidiatly follow you back :)
    kisses <3

  14. I die for that jacket! Studs AND black?! Perfection.... And I would never think to buy make-up from ASOS. Maybe I should!

    Great post! And your blog rocks! Check mine out. Maybe we can follow each other :D
    Lattes & Lacee