Monday, 21 January 2013

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What's up guys?

Recently, I received a package from PINKICON. They were so lovely to send me a pair of contact lenses and 2 pairs of fake eyelashes!

PINKICON is a Hong Kong Online Store that sells really cheap contact lenses, fake lashes and wigs (mainly for cosplay). They have 300 different design of contact lens and is the solo agent of NEO and GEO contact lens, it enables them to have sufficient stock so as to guarantee a superior customer experience with the latest, fastest and widest selection of contact lens. They also provide free shipping internationally!
To build up the online purchase confidence, their products are sourced directly from Korean manufacturers, ensuring that the products customers receive are 100% authentic.

Their goal is to always make their customers blissfully happy by not only purchasing their products, but they also offer a “ Beauty’s Channel” in order to provide the latest news of dressing up.
- Neo/ Geo/ Royal Vision Korean Coloue Lens
- Hanako Japanese Fashion Wigs
- Magic Magic Eyelashes
- Cosmetic and fashionable accessories from Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

They supply all major brands including the followings:
-          Royal Vision
-          Hanako
-          Magic Magic
-          GEO Edge Con

 Register today to try out the Pinkicon shopping experience and enjoy their exclusive member discount.

[Me doing a FAILED facepalm. Read below this photo to know why ;)]

They sent me the package on Dec 20 but I only received it about a month later (18 Jan 2013)! I reckon it's because of Christmas Day and New Year's and what not but at least I received it.

I was expecting my stuff to be in the brown bag when I opened it but no.., everything was so nicely wrapped up!

They were so nice to even include little cards teaching me how to put on fake lashes, wigs and contact lenses.

They even included bronches of other kind of contact lenses!

This was the one they gave me!

They even included a card so that I can remind myself when my contact lens expire :)

So back to what else was in the package:
- A pair of contact lens.
- A contact lens case.
- 2 pairs of fake lashes.

1. Contact Lens + Contact Casing.

The contact lens came in a really cute box (as seen in the picture above). The contact lens came in glass bottles and I did a blog entry before on how to open up those bottles without cutting yourself or the lens. Click here if you want to see how.

PINKICON is really thoughtful for even designing everything and even the slightest details which is awesome because something that really draws me to purchase an item is firstly the packaging itself. (Not to forget that the packaging is oh-so-cute!)

I wouldn't recommend this if what you're looking for is those contact lenses that enlarge your eyes because this contact lens didn't enlarge my eyes but only made my pupils bigger. On a side note, the colour is amazing :-)

Contact Lens when worn; (Fake lashes worn in this picture is also from PINKICON.)

2. Fake Lashes

The lashes came in a super cute box too and omg there's a cat on the box. (Too cute!) They feel so light when I had them on and they looked so natural! If you want a dramatic look, you can always stack 2 eyelashes on your eyes! INSTANT DRAMA!

Lashes when worn;

PINKICON is having a crazy sales now! Buy 3 pairs of contact lenses and receive one absolutely free!

Get it before the offer is over! So worth it :)

Visit WWW.PINKICON.COM for really affordable contact lenses, fake lashes and wigs.

Thanks for reading guys x

[Spag Top from Forever21, Shorts sponsored by ASOS]


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