Thursday, 29 November 2012

ADVERT: Secret to Big Eyes x UNIQSO*

Always wanted to have Big Eyes? Always admiring those girls with big eyes and always wished you had big eyes like them too?

Now you can have big eyes too because the secret behind big eyes is CONTACT LENSES!

Some of you guys might be a little scared about buying lenses on-line (scam, etc) but fret not because UNIQSO is a very trustworthy on-line store that sells different type of lenses depending on what you want.

UNIQSO also packs every single order they receive to the best of their ability. Each lens ordered will receive a free contact lens case and lens would be stored in a really cute box to protect it when being shipped to wherever you live.

Another plus point about UNIQSO is that they sell contact lenses per piece so if both your eyes are of different degree, it would be perfect!

Most people have a lot of diffictuly trying to open the bottle of contact lens so I've a solution for you! I saw this on Rachell Tan's blog so I thought I would share this with you guys!

 So simple and easy and you wouldn't even cut yourself!

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Quote 'Janellelhz' to get 10% off total bill.

Thanks for reading!